Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stay at Home?

As part of my constant struggle to stay less busy rather than more, I have now made a new rule about volunteering at Emlyn's school. Two hours a week, tops. I canceled on the librarian for today because I felt that Denali and I needed some time at home.

He's actually had two real naps in the last two days, and everyone is happier.

I honestly do not know why this is a struggle for me. I know people who are great and content at staying home all day. I just can't seem to figure out how to be content with this house. Plus I see all the fun things there are to do out of the house. I know if I stayed home more my house would be more clean (maybe) and better decorated (maybe?).

The whole reason I don't have a paying job is for Emlyn and Denali. Yet most of the time I don't structure our time wisely.

Ah well. I try not to worry about it too much. And when I feel too frazzled, I scale back.

Tomorrow is our Parent/Teacher Conference. Hope it goes well, and the teacher doesn't come up with a problem, like "Emlyn actually has 5 legs, not two. That's an issue."

I feel woefully uninformed about our presidential election. I got a call today and felt stupid. Is Al Sharpton a democrat or republican? I don't know. Guess it's time to do some research.


Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton is black. That makes it 99% likely he's a democrat (he is, but the mere fact of his race is a strong indicator).

I'm presuming you're thinking of voting in Texas's Republican primary. Even with the advancing calendars, you have plenty of time. And there will be an unsavory number of commercials on TV before then.

The New York Times has had various analyses of where the candidates stand on various issues. James Dobson doesn't like any of them, because none of them are making abortion a central issue.


BP said...

I'm with you on the presidential election. I need to do some research as well.

As far as staying home... I've thought before that it is one area that is going to be hard for me whenever Caleb starts school. I have a couple ideas of things I'd like to do to volunteer but at the same time know I can't do everything.