Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things that make you go "HMM"

So this morning I am facing the fact that once again I am too busy and have no oomph left for the end of this week.

Mondays and Tuesdays I have nothing planned, but I usually end up hanging out with friends. I try to leave one day entirely at home, but that rarely happens.

Wednesdays I have Ladies Bible Class that goes from 10-11 but really ends up taking most of my morning. I arrive home at about 12:30, Denali takes a nap, and then we get Emlyn from school.

Thursdays I have set aside for volunteering at Emlyn's school for 2 hours. Which means I have to have everyone all the way ready for school at 7:30 and lunches packed and everything. Then today I have made even more plans for after volunteering. We will probably get home at 12:30.

Fridays is playgroup and that usually takes the whole morning. Then this Friday I am meeting someone at noon.

I think I need to pare this down a bit...


Angela O. said...

Oh, I know. Where does the time go??

Pryncss Briana said...

Enjoy this time. Just wait, soon Denali is off to college and you are twiddling your thumbs ... or dancing for joy ... your choice. :)