Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I suddenly realized today that it's fall! And that's when one plants wildflowers. So I went out and cleared the bed from all the dead weeds and plants, and then watered it well, and then randomly scattered the seeds. This spring I will hopefully have, in addition to whatever I planted last year:

california poppy
hedgehog cactus
indian blanketflower
wild blue flax
prairie coneflower
and of course texas bluebonnet.

Wildflowers are my favorite because every year I get a completely different show. I pick up seed packets throughout the year and just dump them all together, then see what happens. It's always a big surprise to be what we get.

So I hope that most of these come up, and that they mix with last year's stuff and look really beautiful. In six months. :)


jennyonthespot said...

I hope they come up too! You'll have to post pictures, especially for those of us who gave up hope for a spring garden :)

Chris said...

Wow that is really cool. I will look forward to coming to see them in the spring.

BP said...

It will be fun to see what you get in a few months!

jen.martin said...

I'm glad I saw this entry. I forgot I had planned to plant some wildflowers in the back corner of my yard! It's not too late, is it?