Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hiking with Kids

A couple weeks ago Emlyn got to go climbing with her daddy. They found a tree that looks like an A. Can you see it?

She loves to pack her own backpack of special things to take along.

Yesterday we all went and though the kids were slightly cranky we had a great time. Emlyn once again packed her own backpack. Some of the things inside were a yellow basket, a chameleon, and two party hats from New Year's.

The kids are getting so big! They are real troopers when we hike, even when I get a little bit lost and we have to turn around. Yesterday they made mud tattoos on their arms and legs and got to crawl in a little cave.

While we were climbing yesterday I finished a 5.9 called "Gut Punch the Buddha." I was supposed to learn how to clean while I was up there but felt ill from the exertion so had to be lowered instead. :(

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