Thursday, January 03, 2008

I did it!

In light of the article I'm about to post, this is particularly exciting to me because I actually gave this some effort and persistence and it paid off.

Our sink backed up on New Year's Eve, right before we had 35 people over for a New Year's Party. I had of course planned to use real dishes because we have lots of beautiful dishes, and what's the point of having beautiful dishes if you don't use them?

So we have had about 200 dishes sitting around our house since Monday night. Last night Joel fixed the sink (good job hon!) and then the dishwasher wasn't working. Since I am feeling better (I worked myself sick getting ready for our party), today I decided to see if I could get the dishwasher working. I called the manufacturer and got directions on how to access the drain pan. Evidently if too much water gets in the dishwasher, it overflows into a little pan beneath and then the floor. Then the dishwasher magically knows that there is water there, and won't put any more water into the washer. It's called an overfill issue.

So the lady told me how to do it. I took off pieces from the bottom of the dishwasher and tried really hard to remember where to put the screws. I had a little stall when I realized I needed to soak up or vacuum out the water, and I don't have a wet vacuum. But I managed to get it dried out with some towels, our vacuum, and my neighbor's hair dryer. I put it all back together with no loose pieces left over, and now the first load is running.

I am so cool!

But don't tell Joel. He might make me do all the maintenance now, and it's dirty yucky.


Angela O. said...

Good for you!!!

Nicole said...

Way to go! Your house did look so amazing the other night. It was a great party!