Sunday, January 13, 2008

A New Haircut

Last night my sister and her fiance graciously offered agreed to watch my kids over night so I could have a little rest. I was so excited I couldn't decide to do with the time.

First I decided to get my hair cut. It hasn't been cut since last spring, whenever that was, that I cut it short. Or was it fall? I don't even know. No it was after Christmas 2006. So yeah. Anyway I told her (the hairstylist) that I really liked the last haircut but this time I am trying to grow it out, so to just layer it a little bit and thin it a little bit and cut off the split ends.

Is there something wrong with what I said? Is it even possible to layer hair a little bit? You know, to kinda mix it up at the ends so it isn't just a blunt line? I thought there was. Anyway she cut it all right. I think she cut too much. I don't know because I am not any good at this stuff. Oh and she cut it dry so she could "see the split ends". And then left me with this funky layer showing right at my ear level. It looks somewhat better now that I've washed it and the natural curl is back, but really? I think I look stupid.

At least my hair grows quickly. What should I tell them next time?

Sorry there's no picture. Joel lost both of the cameras. I mean they're around somewhere. I just don't know where exactly.


Amy said...

I found a girl you should use next time. I went to her for my last hair cut and told her exactly what I wanted. She took one look at me and says, "You don't want that. What you mean is this..." And she gave me the best haircut. It was exactly what I wanted, just not what I said.
I think it is because we speak haircuttingese in layman's terms. "Layer" means something different in their text book language than it does to us.
Anyway, all that is to say that I found a fabulous translator.

Anonymous said...

Exactly what Amy said. Don't ever tell them what you want...Give guidelines. Like "my hair is too heavy, can you make it feel lighter?" and "I don't like the blunt look of my length, what can we do?" A good stylist will then start to ask questions. I've learned it the hard way so many times...Lori

Joel said...

One is with me and one is probably in my climbing backpack.


Angela O. said...

oh I disagree. I can't stand stylists that think they know what you want with your hair. When I chose mine I told her "if you listen to me, I'll stay loyal to you." So far she has but her salary has gone up while my wallet keeps going down. I will usually take a photo with me and ask if my hair can do that and I will listen to her if she says "no."