Thursday, January 10, 2008

Number Learning

I've switched volunteer positions at my daughter's school. I'm now semi-official. I tutor 2-3 kids a day for half an hour. They are learning various skills. Today one of the children was working on learning his numbers. My supervising teacher let me know about this site- which I can't remember right now- which teaches all kinds of skills, including numbers.

Then I came home and saw a High Five game. High Five is published by the Highlights people, and is geared towards pre-k learners. My mom gave Emlyn a subscription to it this year. In every issue are poems, stories, and cartoons, and also a game in the back. This time it was a matching game for matching numbers to the corresponding amount of dots.

This reminded me of folder games. Folder games are ideally games that children can play on their own. They teach concepts to the kids in a fun way. They are easy to make and easy to store, since you make them out of a file folder. So I did a google search for "number folder games," and came up with quite a few good ones. Some of them were free. I printed out two of those and assembled them. Then I started making up my own, and finished with the original High Five game. I now have six games that teach numbers, and plan to take them to school tomorrow. Ideally I would laminate them and make them more durable for multiple uses. We'll see if that gets done. At any rate I hope to teach the little boy at school, and maybe some other kids, how to recognize their numbers.

Some day soon I will post pictures of a bunch of stuff. We've upgraded to a paid Flickr account so that our poor iPhoto won't have to hold 8500+ pictures all the time.


BP said...

I liked your "teacher-y" post! It was so funny you mentioned High Five. I was going to write about it soon on my blog, Meemaw gave Caleb a subscription at Christmas. He got his first issue today. It looks like we'll really enjoy it. It sounds like you're really prepared to teach numbers. What grade are you working with?

Angela O. said...

I've not seen the High Five mag but Danielle got Highlights all last year. The matching and hidden pictures were her favorites.

That smart Santa gave D an addition/subtraction flash card set that she started playing yesterday.

I'll check out the folder games. Sounds interesting.