Thursday, January 24, 2008


I was just finishing Madeleine L'Engle's book "Two Part Invention." In it one of the things she talks about is perspective, and how hard it is as an artist to be objective of one's own art. Then she ties it in to our perspective of what God is doing in our lives. We are living this, so it is hard to see the big picture. We only see our little part.

Today as I was painting a picture I could completely understand what she was talking about. I thought it looked good but had no idea whether it was "something." I just don't know if it's anything special.

I don't feel like posting the picture right now. But I think I like it.


Angela O. said...

I bet it's great. Your last painting was. Can hardly wait to see it.

Bluecanary said...

Please post. I don't remember if I said this about your picture, but the artist looks at it and often sees what they wanted and how it pails in comparison. Everyone else sees what's there for its own beauty.

It is better than you think it is I'm sure.

It is like our own imperfections. They stare us in the face and we feel defeated by them, but everyone else sees what is there, and it is usually much better than we think.

It's the same reason so many pretty women think they are ugly.