Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Oh! There's a secret? They aren't just magically smart?

How many of us want our kids to be motivated, successful, and able to use all of the abilities God blessed them with?

Joel forwarded this article to me, and I thought you all might like to read it as well. The basic point is that according to studies kids are more likely to succeed if they are praised more for their efforts rather than their innate smartness.

This makes sense if you think about it- if you believe you're doing something well because you're smart, when you fail you might think it's because you are not as smart in that area, and therefore you won't try that again. Conversely, if you believe you're doing something well because you have tried hard and given it a good effort, when you fail you will be more likely to just try it again and make more of an effort.

This hits me close to home because I always knew I was smart but have not always been great at giving things a good effort. Most things that I do, if it doesn't work well the first couple of times, I just give it up and go try something else. If I actually have to study for a class it's annoying to me.

Anyway just an interesting article. Hopefully I can start using different language when I talk to my kids about their achievement and abilities.

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Angela O. said...

good point. Thanks for the article.