Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Smell

My day started out kinda bad and progressively got worse. At least now it's over and I can blog about it.

It all started with a smell. A bitter, sharp kind of smell. And a color. Kind of light grey.

I went into the kitchen this morning and began breakfast preparations. We needed to go grocery shopping so breakfast was slim pickings. Emlyn and I kept smelling this smell. We couldn't figure out what it was. Eventually I narrowed it down to the refrigerator. I looked inside and decided it must be the herbs in the bottom of the fridge. I'd never heard of veggies making this smell, but what else could it be?

I started a crockpot experiment with my honey pecan chicken recipe. Let's just say that it should NOT be done in the crockpot. The only one who would eat it was Denali.

We all felt kind of sick this morning; Joel so much so that he almost didn't make it to church with us. But we carried on and went to church.

As we came home I opened the crockpot to find the aforementioned failure of a meal. The honey had burned, the chicken was simultaneously dry and soggy. But that's okay, I told myself bracingly. We have other food to offer everyone.

That's when I opened the freezer. And noticed my meat was thawed.

Now I have had freezer issues before. For a couple of years now I've had to spray bleach in the back of it because mold builds up in some area it's not supposed to. So I was afraid it was a buildup problem.

What I encountered was much worse. There were char marks on the white plastic of the back of the freezer. And more of that grey stuff.

Our freezer exploded. Turns out Joel heard what sounded like an explosion last night and before he got up to investigate the sound stopped.

Anyway about half of the food in the freezer was completely thawed. I could have saved some of the veggies but my motivation was not exactly there.

So this afternoon instead of doing laundry, and hanging out with the family, and enjoying money that we didn't have, we got to go refrigerator shopping. We all piled into the car and went to Fry's. Where we proceeded to argue about black vs stainless steel, bottom freezer vs side by side, and water ice dispenser vs none. We quickly realized that this was going to be no good with the kids in tow, so we dropped them off at a friend's house (thank you so much Ryan and Wendy!!!!!) and went to Sears.

And Lowe's.
And Target.
And Home Depot.
And Wal-hate.
And Fry's again.
And finally, Best Buy.

At Best Buy I finally caved. I know, I'm a softie for my husband. So we ended up with what he would have bought if I hadn't been around. Stainless steel, sided by side, with water and ice dispenser in the door.

Honestly, that's cool with me. I don't hold grudges and any new appliance was going to be better than what we currently have at home- an old, cream behemoth that smells bad inside.


Angela O. said...

At least you have a new fridge! Our stand-up freezer went out about 2 weeks before Christmas but we have yet to get a repair man here. Our freezer didn't explode, though; that sounds a little scary. Glad everyone is ok.

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...

That is harsh. Glad you got a new fridge though. You will like the water and ice dispenser for sure :) Side by side is cool too. You'll love it. Sorry your day was so crazy.

Mandi said...

Oh, bummer! That is really no fun at all. We haven't ever had a freezer explode, but we have had some go out, and it does indeed stink--in every way!

BP said...

Oh dear! I'm sorry you had such a hard day. I can only imagine that smell. Ewwww! I hope this week is better for you.