Saturday, February 02, 2008

Clean house

Denali sporting some cool shades

Tucking away the yummy food on Christmas

Uncle Rob and Aunt Sandra eating ham

The remains of our Christmas-sea feast a couple days before Christmas. I know it doesn't look like much but the food was SO GOOD.

Well today's soup was delicious but since I knew my family wouldn't appreciate it I gave the rest to Joe and Kim since they just had their new baby. Who is so cute! His name is Ryan and he and his parents still have that serene peaceful look. It's so nice. They're doing a great job as parents.

Then we came home and Emlyn and Denali helped me so much. We cleaned the house for about 2 hours and they did a whole lot. They really earned their allowance today.

Joel's home from climbing. We're going to watch Monk.

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Angela O. said...

oh, yea! Sounds like a good day.