Saturday, February 02, 2008


So I'm still getting organic veggies and fruits delivered to my door every other week. On the weeks when I get the "all-local" box I am always surprised at what can be grown even in winter. A lot of the time there are things that I wouldn't normally buy.

This week I was impressed by the results of my experiments. I made a turkey pot pie and instead of peas and carrots that the recipe called for I used celery, carrot, baby turnips, and collard greens. They were delicious and added just a bit of spice to a normal recipe.

Today I'm making turkey and wild rice soup and I put more of those baby turnips in there with the celery and carrots. I also am using baby kale instead of parsley. I haven't eaten it yet but I bet it will be yummy.


Pryncss Briana said...

Okay, e-mail me the delivery service that does that. I would love to check it out. :)

Angela O. said...

That is so weird! About 2 days ago I was talking to a coworker (who dropped the service) and she asked if my friend (you) were still using it. Now I can tell her the answer! So I take it you are still happy with the service?

nellidar said...

Just want to tell you that J and I both read your blog today and thought you dinner sounded good. I was tempted to invite myself over :)

Marsha said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for coming by my blog and reading about the Dinangot tribe. These people are reading the Bible for the first time with the Bible translated into their own Dinangot language. What an exciting thing to watch this happen before I very eyes!

That's amazing the woman gave you her Bible. It must have been a tie dye shirt since, according to her header, you love tie dye.