Friday, February 22, 2008

In which I am completely alone at my house

First I have to say I love this article about helping kids learn to clean their rooms. It breaks the steps up, and explains at what age kids can do certain things.

Secondly I have the next 19 hours all to myself. Joel will be here for some of it, but the kids are with my wonderful fabulous sister and her fiance tonight. I had originally intended to not spend any money today, but found an awesome toy store and couldn't help myself. I also got vegan oatscreme (like ice cream) and a yummy cookie.

I halfway finished a painting of a live oak tree.

I am going to watch the season finale of Monk.


Mandi said...

Good for you! glad you got to have some alone time.

Angela O. said...

Enjoy! I've got about a 2 hours alone now (so, of course, I'm catching up on my blog buddies!)

BP said...

Hope you enjoyed your time!