Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In Which I Nearly Faint at Costco

Yesterday started out very lazy but got busy fast. At 11 am we went to the park with some old friends. This park just happens to be near a blood donation center, and so after the park I decided to run in and see if I could donate. The last time I was able to was about two years ago or more, and after that I kept failing because of my hematocrit (really not sure about that word) count. Anyway since then I have lost 45 pounds and started eating healthfully, so I thought that maybe they would let me donate.

I was right. The kids were angels, full of questions about donating blood but overall very good. I got up from the couch table thing and went into the snack room to get my snacks. The kind old lady asked me what drink I would like (they have about 20 sugary choices). Going on instinct from the last year of my lifestyle change, I said "Can I just have water?"


Anyway she agreed and I ate two packages of cookies and drove off to Costco to meet Chinell. We wandered around for a bit. Both of us had coupons and a short list so we were in line fairly quickly. As we stood and chatted in line, though, I started to feel pretty bad. She looked at me and asked if I was okay. Evidently I was starting to get really pale. We realized that my blood sugar was really low, so she started handing me sippy cups with juice and fruit leathers to eat. I ate all she had and still hadn't made it through the line or paid.

Things got more and more fuzzy. We had four little kids who were not really listening (although doing pretty well as far as little kids are concerned), a 6 mos pregnant lady, and a mommy about to faint. But of course (I said to myself) I had to get through the line. I couldn't faint yet! I hadn't paid for my stuff. So finally it was my turn. The guy asked me "How are you doing today?" I said "really not well. I think I'm going to faint." He really didn't know how to respond to that. So I handed him my card and coupons and sat on the floor.

Chinell kept talking to the guy, and helping the kids not go crazy, and watching me. After he rang me up I stood up just long enough to slide my card and enter my pin, and then I was back on the floor. Sitting, not fainting, but just barely. I sat there while Chinell bought her stuff, and then we made our way over to the food court. I sat at the table with a cart and four kids, and she went to get me a soda. After the soda I started to feel a little better. We stayed there until I felt well enough to get home. The poor kids by this time were into nap time behavior and just having meltdowns. I am sorry for Chinell because hers got the brunt of her anxiety about me.

Everyone got home safely and I hope I've learned my lesson.

So the moral? If you make the mistake of not taking the sugary drink they offer after giving blood, you should be at Costco with Chinell cause she'll take care of you.


Amy said...

Good moral. You should never shop without Chinell.

Mandi said...

Sounds like a yucky experience, but I'm glad you didn't actually faint, and that you got your stuff bought, because it would stink to have to go back to Costco and try again!

BP said...

What a story! Glad you didn't faint and you had a friend with you to help you through. Giving blood is great. I did regularly in Abilene but now never seem to be able to get to the blood mobile. I had big plans last week that I could to that Monday with JMP off. I guess they won't take my blood if I have the flu, huh??

Bluecanary said...

Wow, my experience with giving blood a couple months ago, after having not given since college, was that I felt better. It was the night before a lock-in, and I had no problems. I think it got rid of excess iron.

And I was able to do the type where they take double the red blood cells and put back the plasma.

But then, I don't think you want to be my weight.

I actually like giving blood.

Pryncss Briana said...

So glad everything came out okay! I had my first fainting experience after donating too. Went horseback riding right after giving a pint and proceeded to black out while trying to put my saddle on. Scary stuff, thankfully God gives us good friends to pull us through. :)

Angela O. said...

oh goodness! glad you are good again . . .

H-Beast said...

I'm not happy that you went through this feeling (it is really yucky), but I'm glad I'm not the only one who's made the mistake of not drinking enough after giving blood. I totally made myself sick one time. Yeah, lots of fun. Not.

Carmi said...

I donate blood plasma every week - unlike whole blood, where you can only give every 56 days, plasma's deferral period is only a week. So every Friday, I go to the clinic and hang out with some really inspirational people.

As often as I've donated, I've had a couple of near-wipeout incidents. I don't help my cause by riding my bike to and from the clinic for 9 months of the year. I promise the nurses I'll ride home very slowly. And they insist on wrapping my arm really well and feeding me extra cookies and juice.

I'm glad you were surrounded by an understanding employee, an amazing friend and sorta-behaving kids. I admire your courage and am glad you're OK.