Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Littlest Pet Shop

Grandma Linda bought Emlyn her first Littlest Pet Shop playground for Christmas, and Emlyn has been saving up to buy more pets (it only came with 2) since then. She finally saved up $20 and we bought a mega-pack of like 10 pets with a carry case.

Unfortunately the mail system decided it didn't like us, but finally after two tries the package arrived today and Emlyn and Denali are having a great time playing with all the little pets.

My favorite is the seahorse.

I got to vacuum this morning after some robots decided to mash their goldfish into the carpet. Unfortunately goldfish aren't brown so I had to vacuum. The house does look very peaceful though!

Tonight we are probably going to go climbing at a gym with the kids. Last time we had a great time because I didn't have to belay Emlyn and so she could go up three feet and back down over and over. That sort of thing drives me crazy.

Denali is too little to actually climb, but he's cool with running around and occasionally climbing up two holds. In a couple weeks Amy and then my father-in-law are going to watch the kids while I am Joel's dedicated belayer at a climbing contest. That should be fun. We're going to go out the night before and camp.


Pryncss Briana said...

That is too much fun. I wish I had an inclination towards outdoor sports. But nope, I am a reader and at most a walker. :) I hope E likes her LPS as much as Bella. B gets lost for many an hour making up stories and situations for all her little pets. She loves them. :)

Angela O. said...

We like LPS too. Danielle got one playset that is a vet office and it is really cute. Has a little "x-ray" machine - you put the little animal on there and an "x-ray" appears. Hope Emlyn has fun.

Not sure which is my favorite pet . . .