Monday, February 04, 2008

The THIN Institute- Sorry!

I have to apologize for the original post by this name. My friends have informed me that perhaps this type of humor is not universally hilarious. I thought it was funny but if you didn't I'll still be your friend, and please accept my apologies if you were offended.


Angela O. said...

Well, I'm not offended because I completely missed it.

Joel said...

I think the site is funny. Not that it was easy to find, as your blog post is the #1 result if you google "thin institute".

Chris said...

I was really looking forward to offensive humor, but I was unable to locate it, even by googling "thin institute".

Perfectly Placed said...

yeah...offend me! how do i find the "THIN Institute"?

About "offensive" humor, a very dear friend of mine once lost a scholarship due to some "offensive" emails he send to adults who were capable of saying "thanks but no thanks" and instead went to the Dean and got him disqualified. So I believe in freedom of speech, blogging, music, everything. Your readers have this big X in a box in the top right corner of their screens. If they see something that offends them, and they click that X, the offensive thing disappears like magic. Please never apologize for thinking the way you do...if you didn't, who would?

Just my two cents, what would you expect from a darn yankee? *hugs*