Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Love Spring Break

I didn't realize how much of a toll it was on our family, having to get up at a set time every day to get Emlyn and myself to school, ready to volunteer every single school day.

Then this week is Spring Break and we are having a great time. Emlyn is missing the routine of it all, but it's worth it. We took a long weekend trip to Abilene and Whitney, and then on Tuesday I got up at 9 am. Wednesday and Thursday I got up at 8 am. It's just fabulous.

The hanging clothes up to dry thing is going fairly well. It's actually more of a motivation to get the laundry done every day because it's a lot easier to have one load hanging than it is to have five loads hanging. Especially because we don't have a line outside.

Well gotta get to a bit of cleaning. Spring Break rocks!


Ruth Ann said...

Sounds like what I felt like the first week we recently started homeschooling again...I didnt know how much of a burden it had been to get everyone up and off to school until I didnt have to do it anymore! Glad you had a great trip!

jennyonthespot said...

Oh yeas... isn't it sooooo nice!

Angela O. said...

No spring break for us this year. But I am taking off next Thursday then Good Friday off - yea!

Glad you had a good (and productive) Spring Break.

BP said...

I tried to sign yesterday and it was not loading correctly.

Glad you have enjoyed spring break and had a good trip.

Chris said...

Homeschooling is like Spring break every week.