Monday, March 31, 2008

Moms for Modesty

Back in the day when I signed the Moms for Modesty petition, it was hosted on a normal blog like this one. The petition was so successful that the woman who came up with it has started a blog just for Moms for Modesty. You can find it here. If you signed the petition before the new site, you'll have to go and re-sign it. And you can get new code for your page as well.

Some people have had hard times finding modest clothes at Target for their children. I found that it was a little tough, but the clothing was there. Could I make an entire wardrobe for Emlyn from them? No, but the few things that I found rounded her wardrobe out nicely. I wrote about it here.

A while back I also found a survey about modesty. It made me remember that even as a married woman I need to be careful what clothing I wear and the message it portrays.

Maybe my new blog coach Amy can teach me how to link the picture on my sidebar to the blog. Please, Amy? Please??? (EDIT: Amy helped me and now the pretty picture is linked to the official Moms for Modesty website. Thanks Amy!)


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Amy said...

Nice cloud, Blogga.

Nicole said...

I was going to leave a better comment...but it was too ranty. I like the idea of Moms for Modesty. The survey frustrated me. Seems men have trouble no matter what you wear.

Bluecanary said...

I just made a comment a few days ago about this idea. There was a girl at school that was wearing sweats that had "Boy Patrol" written across the bottom. I hate those sweats and shorts because by wearing them, you are saying "Look at my butt!" Thankfully, the school made her change. We had a conversation about it, and I mentioned this organization.

I really realized how bad of a problem it was when I took Ashley clothes shopping. Not only could we find nothing for her appropriate, but when I looked at the elementary age stuff, I got nauseous. I don't know how I didn't notice how bad they were before. Thankfully, for the most part I hang around people that have much better taste for their children's cloths.

Modesty is nice. Its great not noticing what someone is wearing. It's easier to get distracted by their personality.