Friday, March 21, 2008

My new laundry room

You may recall that my dryer broke. I had a fun time hanging clothes for a couple weeks, and might even put up a line in the backyard sometime, but it is nice and easy to have a new dryer.

The most exciting part to me (after all a dryer is a dryer and that's not very interesting) is that I got to make a new folding counter. The old counter only went over the washer because our dryer had stuff sticking up in the back of it. So occasionally things would fall back behind and etc. Here's another link to the old laundry room which I loved also.

I took myself to Lowe's and told them how big to cut my plywood (34 by 70 inches). I covered the plywood with a vinyl tablecloth (they are out of season right now so I had to get one from my good friend Beth- thanks Beth!).

I found some scrap wood in the garage and screwed it into the wall where some studs were so that it would hold up the other end of the counter.
There's still room for my basket to the left of the washer. I think the new tablecloth really brings out the color in my great-grandma's painting. I originally thought the red would be too bright, but it really looks nice in this picture.

Those baskets hold: Emlyn's underwear, Denali's underwear, Emlyn's socks, Denali's socks, and the unmatched socks. There's a trashcan up there too.

Did I mention that this new counter goes to three walls and is 34 by 70 inches? That's enormous! And lovely. I bet I could put 6 or 7 loads of unfolded laundry up there. Wow.


Kim P. said...

Great job on making the table yourself! It looks great =) If I had one, though, it would probably be full of clean unfolded laundry all the time...good thing I don't have one =)

Ruth Ann said...

Looks very nice, Sarah!

BP said...

You're right, it does look nice with the painting. I like your new laundry room!

Angela O. said...

I like your counter but I LOVE your washer/dryer set. That's the same set my SIL has and it is soooo nice.