Monday, April 14, 2008


I know I said my computer is broken, and it still is. But my guys are still asleep and so I've got Joel's laptop so I figured I'd take advantage of that. I'm catching up on little pieces of paper that always need something done with them, and one of them says "Alcatraz frozen grapes."

I was telling Amy the other day one thing I've learned in my long and interesting life.

If you freeze your grapes for a tasty treat, remember that when you are at Alcatraz on a field trip, and you are really looking forward to those grapes (yummy yummy frozen grapes), that thawed grapes are nasty.

They are all mushy and brown. They don't taste good.

So if you have grapes, either eat them fresh or eat them frozen. But don't take them to Alcatraz and expect to eat them thawed.

Thank you for listening.


Angela O. said...

I think grapes are pretty yucky except for with lots of sugar and made into jelly or juice. But my family disagrees. I will keep the thawed grapes away from them. Thanks for the tip.

Alyson said...

Red grapes, 99 cents/lb at HEB this week! :)

Kim P. said...

I'll file this tidbit under "good to know" but "probably won't ever use" since I never freeze grapes! It made me smile though!!

jennyonthespot said...

Oooh, that's good to know!