Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gardens are Great in the Spring

I am so excited about our garden. Every spring when things start growing I get all mushy inside and I just want to be out there, looking and feasting my eyes on our plants. They are so fresh and green!

This year for the first time we have some blackberry flowers. You may recall last year we planted some Arapahoe Thornless blackberry bushes. About seven survived and we have at least three flowers, which will make three berries. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but a berry is a berry, right?

Our peach tree has lots of flowers. I would estimate we have about thirty there. Last year we had a lot but right around this time we had a three or four day freeze, and that killed all but like two peaches.

I have five new tomato plants. I'm hoping we don't get any funny diseases this year like Tomato Spotted Wilt Disease. I love tomatoes.

That's it for the edibles (oh yeah we have basil too) but the other plants are doing well. We have four young trees and they are all happy. Joel's roses look stunning as usual. My cacti are putting out baby ears and the rosemary cuttings I took are starting to root. It's just a fabulous time and I am so excited to see what this new year brings us.


Anonymous said...

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Angela O. said...

I get so excited about the garden too. We have our first 2 little green tomatoes. This year we also have a TON of blooms on the lime tree (& it smells so good.) The lemonquat isn't doing as well. My rose bush is blooming too and, as soon as I can upload photos again, I will post one. We also planted a blueberry bush this year - we'll see what happens.

I'll be sure to come over for the blackberry pie and peach cobbler ;-)

littlebiggirl said...

I'm so impressed when people actually grow things. My deck plants live despite me. I'm awful.