Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well I think I may have found an explanation for yesterday's bad day. Last night I discovered I had a pretty bad case of hives. Since they were on my torso I don't know how long I had had them, but maybe that was why I was such a wreck all day. They're mostly gone now, after a large dose of Benadryl, but I wish I knew why...


Kim P. said...

Hives....yuck! I'm so thankful I've never had those. Myra had them for about a year I think. I hope they're gone for good and you have a fabulous, fun and relaxing trip on Friday!

H-Beast said...

Hives are awful. I get them when I'm totally stressed or upset. It's very yicky.

Benadryl does work well, but I think that's mainly because it knocks me out so I can't think of them anymore.

I hope yours are totally gone.