Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Sweet Sisters

May I introduce my sisters? Thursday and Friday Grace and the kids and I went to Abilene to hear Ruth sing in a choir concert. The concert was excellent, the visiting was great, and we got to help Ruth buy some new clothes.

It was really great to see her, and next weekend I'm going to Pepperdine to see my brother graduate. No kids, just me and my sisters and brother and parents. It's going to be great.

From left to right: Ruth (20), Denali, Sarah (28), Grace (26), and Emlyn is in the front.

I was conversing with my friend Chinell and found some blog posts of my family from previous years. Thought I'd add the links.

Here's one from when we went on a cruise.
Here's a picture from September when we went to the caves.
Here's some cute pictures of my brother. He's taken though.
Here's another picture from our cruise where I prove that we all look remarkably alike.
Here's one more post of some pictures of me and my siblings. Tomorrow I'll try to post some pictures of my parents.


Kim P. said...

I can definitely see the family resemblance! How fun to get to spend time together =)

Angela O. said...

Congrats to brother on grad and have a fun trip.

Also good job to sister. Did she sing solo?