Sunday, April 06, 2008

Outdoors Weekend

This weekend we enjoyed the lovely weather and got some outside time in.

First we went up to the church building and worked on our garden plot there. We had some plants from home to share and we needed to mulch and weed. The kids had a great time playing on the playground and Joel and I put in a hard 2 hours.

Then we came home for a short rest and then painted some more on the outside of our house. The green really does look so nice (pictures to come when it's done) and I appreciate Joel, who went up on a ladder to do the rolling. It turns out I don't like painting on a ladder cause I'm afraid I'll fall and break my neck.

Today we went to church and then I went to a coffeehouse to work on my lesson. I'm teaching Ladies' Class on Wednesday and I really needed to focus my lesson. It's a lot better than the first draft and almost ready to publish. I'll post it when it's done.

After that I came home and hung out with the family. Joel changed the oil on my car and then did some yard work. Then I went and swept up the grass clippings.

So it's been physically demanding but at the same time a great weekend. I'm glad we got so much done.

This next week I'll be starting a new job at Emlyn's school. Instead of 5 hours volunteer work, I'll be doing 2 hours paid work helping tutor kindergarten students. That should be better for our family. I have so enjoyed working with these two students but honored that I will get to work with 10 new ones.

Gotta go rest my back. Have a lovely week!


BP said...

That's wonderful you will have a paid tutoring position!

I look forward to reading your lesson.

Angela O. said...

oh yea! Some extra $$. Also, I love weekends like that.