Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Weird Question

This weekend at dinner Joel asked me a weird question.

Am I happy here in TX?

I had to answer honestly. I love my friends here, and I love the church home, and I love my daughter's school.


The weather is a little hot sometimes.

And I miss my parents and the west coast.

And I miss greenery. Our town has a lot of greenery compared to other parts of Texas, but sometimes I wish I lived in a rain forest.

Then he followed up with: what if we were to move to Alaska?

I was astonished. I have always known we would likely move, but I thought no jobs were to be had up there for someone who does what Joel does.

He went on to tell me that Exxon (they have a large presence up there) had offered him a fantastic job working with Linux. He explained that we would be near his mom (which would make his mom happy because she loves her grandkids so much) and that he's really been missing it since he went to visit in January.

So. The only catch is we have to be up there by the end of May. So we will be packing up, saying our goodbyes, and trying to sell our house really fast. Did I mention I've never sold a house? It's kinda interesting because the last people who lived here had to move abruptly too.

I have loved the time I've spent in this town, and the friends I've met. I hope that I can keep some of these friendships even after I've moved. And of course the blog won't move. Or it will, but you readers won't have to change where you go to read.

So, I'm off to make some lists of all the millions of things I've got to do.


Anonymous said...

I am so so sad. Happy for you, but oh so sad. And shocked! But happy for you, but sad. Wow....Lori

Mandi said...

Wow! That's really neat. We are sort of in the same boat. I will be posting about it on my blog in the next couple of weeks (after we have a chance to tell all of the family)! I'm happy for you guys and hope everything works out just wonderfully for you. We will definitely have to keep in touch via blogs and e-mail.

Amy said...

No! Where am I gonna get me some Taco Bell? Tell me that, Sarah.

Jason said...

April fools right? Or are you guys serious?

Ruth Ann said...

This sounds too much like April Fools to me...it was too easy for you to talk about.

BP said...

I thought April Fool's too! Now I'm going to be wondering if it is the real deal.

Sarah said...

Well you guys called me out. We are not actually moving as far as I know. But it was a fun April Fools joke I thought!

Nicole said...

Let me say again, I hate april fools.

Bluecanary said...

You are not nearly that spontaneous. But had I not read this late, I would have wondered for a few minutes before realizing what day it was.

Nice one!

Chris said...

I think it is true, because I know that Exxon indeed does have a large linux development group in Alaska. And of course locks or large rock formations to climb. It is a no brainer.

Pryncss Briana said...

Well, if it's not an April Fools joke, ask us for our realtor's name. She's really cool and after less than 6 weeks, we are under contract and ready to go. :) Hmmm ... Alaska!?

Mandi said...

April Fool's crossed my mind when I was posting, but since we really are in that boat I thought it might just be possible. Good joke.