Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aprons and Ministries

I really like me some aprons. I got a new one the other day and it's very beautiful. In fact Amy is working on a new something that will be unveiled July 15. Here's a hint- it involves aprons.

So if you don't ordinarily wear aprons, and you have some, give them to me.

If you do wear them, give yours to me and buy some new ones later in anticipation of July 15ish.

If you have some old ones from your grandma and you don't want them any more, give them to me.

If you are a grandma and you have some you don't want, give them to me.

Do you see a theme here? I'm greedy for aprons.

Also today I got a chance to be a small part of Amy's ministry. It was so fun to see her get goosebumps over simple things for her neighborhood kids. We carted home snack foods for the masses and some very special things for a very special boy.


Amy said...

Thank you so much for the intro. We are so going to vogue aprons again.

BP said...

It gave me chills to read Amy's entry! What a wonderful ministry!