Monday, May 19, 2008

First Lost Tooth

On Saturday Emlyn finally lost her first tooth. It had been wiggling for months. She accidentally swallowed it during nap, but the tooth fairy assured her that it was okay and that she would still get one whole dollar! Big money for that first tooth!

To: the tooth fairy
From: Emlyn
I swallowed my
tooth I think.
Can you leave me
money still?


Mandi said...

Love it!! Sorry she swallowed her tooth, but glad she lost one. That's a milestone Ruth is dying to hit, but she doesn't even have any that are slightly wiggly. Late in, late out, I guess.

Can't wait to see you guys on Monday!

Angela O. said...

Yea, Emlyn! Danielle also swallowed her first tooth but, yes, the nice tooth fairy left her a buck too.

Alyson said...

How cute! I can't wait until Caroline is in Kindergarten and can start writing notes like this. :)