Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to you too

All weekend I kept taking Emlyn's temperature because she was acting sick. It was always a low grade fever. She never had any other symptoms but that's enough to keep her home from church and school. So I did. This morning about 11 am I was talking to Joel about it. It seems the thermometer said I was 98.9 in one ear and 100.9 in the other ear. I don't feel sick at all.

Joel said (warning science content) that ear thermometers have those little covers on them because it's an infrared sensor and if it gets dirty it reads wrong.

Excuse me?

Do you mean to tell me that all weekend and today I thought Emlyn was sick and she wasn't?

How long has this nonsense been going on? How many times have I kept her home thinking she had fever when she didn't?

How do I clean that sucker before I put the new covers on when I buy them?

Is it too late to send her to school today?


Joel said...

qtips and rubbing alcohol will clean most anything.

Pryncss Briana said...

I stopped buying the disposable covers for it. I just use alcohol, like Joel said.