Wednesday, June 04, 2008

How to be a Homemaker

Brandy at My 12 Hats asked: How does one be a professional homemaker? How does one succeed?

Amy answered. And she talked about bringing Jesus to your family and to your home. And that is absolutely correct. She's so good at reminding us of the ultimate goal.

However I have a little more to say about how to be Jesus in your family. This is how I read the signs of my own family to know whether I'm fulfilling the commitments to my family. So I commented on Brandy's post and then tried to explain a little more about how I do it.

I have struggled for six years to be the kind of homemaker Brandy was talking about-- home-cooked meals, happy children, and clean house all the time.

I have just recently accepted the fact that I can keep my house tolerably clean. But I am not going to put the time in to my house to have sparkling windows, dusted pictures, or clean baseboards. When my house is clean enough for my standards, that means I have more time to go to others' houses and visit, encourage, and minister to them.

Because I think that is where my talents lie.

Here are the conditions that need to be met in my house before I can go out to minister and visit with others.
Dishes in the kitchen
Laundry in the laundry room and done at least once a week
Trash in the trash can once a day
Papers in the office
Happy children and husband (as far as I can influence them to be happy)

The other thing I do as far as my children are concerned is when they get grouchy or whiny, or when they're over-tired, that means I need to stay home for the next few days and focus on them. More stories and hugs and talking. That sounds like it should be obvious but I firmly believe it is not obvious to some.

This is why I get to post to my blog from Amy's house. Because it's my ministry, you know?

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Brandy Thixton said...

Love this post! Thanks so much for your insight!