Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to clean your house in 30 minutes

Last night we had severe weather blowing in, with tornado warnings and hail. Weather forecasting and tracking is such that one can anticipate this storm with about an hour's warning.

As I watched the storm that might possibly blow right over me, I got really antsy. I'd already talked to a few of my friends that were directly in the storm's path and were going in their closets. But I was farther away. I got my closet ready with pillows and blankets. The storm was still far away.

Finally I couldn't handle it any more. I got up and left the TV on and the computer on, but I started cleaning frantically. I washed dishes, cleaned up toys, etc.

Turns out I can clean my entire house on 30 minutes' worth of nervous energy. Yay for adrenaline!

Oh, and it turns out we didn't get a tornado or any big damage from the rain last night. Even though we spent some time in the closet.

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Kim P. said...

That's really funny! The same night Joe all the sudden went out front and got freaked out and put us all in the closet. Ryan of course was already asleep but we just put him in his carrier in the closet and he stayed asleep. Since he was already there and there were more storms coming, we left him there for the night, and he slept an hour later than he has in about 2 months! It was awesome! I've decided to invest in room darkening curtains =) We didn't have any damage either, but it definitely scared Joe a bit!