Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was going to write about plants but I started boring myself. So I'm not going to continue with that train of thought.

This morning I had a chance to chat with Emlyn's teacher. She is so nice and I feel that we are friends, even though we are also in a business relationship about my daughter. She's expecting her first child so we were able to talk about books to recommend**and other things about parenting. It's odd because this is my first year with a kindergartener, and it's her ninth. But she's never had a baby before so that puts us on more equal footing.

She's going to make a great mom if her parenting methods are anything like her teaching methods.

I am so sad she's not going to be at our school next year.

**Does it surprise any of you that I had books to recommend to her? If you didn't already know, I have a book to recommend for almost any topic under the sun. Cause even though I'm a nerd, I'm a well-read nerd. :)


BP said...

Is Emlyn sad to leave Kindergarten?

Angela O. said...

Emlyn got to have her as a teacher and now the teacher will get to be a great mom. So you may miss her but it sounds like it is all working out well for your friend.

Book recommendations? Sounds like you would like a challenge. I'll have to think of some obscure thing to have you ask you about. ;-) My neice has become obsessed with Stephanie Meyer books - what do you think of her?