Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Tale of Two Homes

I was in two homes today, and on the one hand they were very different. One was very beautiful and in readiness to be sold, so everything had to look perfect for the realtors. One was not so big on the physical possessions, but was full of love for neighbors. Both had some pain and some anxiety. One family is dealing with a long-term chronic illness, while the other family is getting ready for a new life in a professorship in a Christian college.

The contrasts of these two families helped me remember something. It helped me remember that God does not call us to be carbon copies of each other. He does not call us all to be professors at Christian colleges; if He did, where would the students come from? He does not call us all to be refuges for the children; if He did, who would teach those grown-up children? How can I judge which is "better?" Are we called to judge which is "better?" I don't think so. Yet how is it that I keep trying to judge? Why does my brain try to order things from better to worst? I have no answers except to remember, to realize, that these rankings are not from God. They are worldly and I claim no part of them.

I am so honored. My friends are varied and different. I have a friend who will drop everything to help someone clean their house, or cook meals, or go hang out and have fun. She has a real, authentic ministry going to the moms in the trenches who deal with screaming children and laundry all day long. I have yet another friend who is nearing the end of a long and hard pregnancy journey and is heartsick for an end. She can't do much except love her family right now, but you can almost literally see the love in their family, and when she laughs, the whole room lights up. And when she speaks the word of God lives are changed.

I have so many other friends that are doing God's work in their families, in their jobs, and in the supermarket. They are shining beacons on the hillside. Some of them have calm, quiet lights that are steady and reliable. Some of them are fireworks.

If you are in the trenches tonight, wishing for an opening in the fog, aching for hope, just remember that you are noticed. You are called to bloom where you are. Christ will show you the path.

Good job, faithful workers.


Amy said...

Very well said, Sarah. Thank you for sharing this.

BP said...

This is said so beautifully. It gave me chills to read.