Wednesday, June 04, 2008

About Me

I just wrote up a little article about myself. It's got links to things I have written in the past.

Go check it out if you'd like; I'm also going to put a link to it on the side here.

And while I was writing it, I came across this article that I wrote in January.

It's talking about the weights we carry that are of this world, and how we can try to shed those weights and replace them with God's love. His burden is light.

I was reminded of this similar topic earlier this week and hadn't had a chance to write about it yet. The clutter in my house is representative of the clutter in my brain. I am good about getting the physical clutter out of my house. Everyone knows I almost always have a box of giveaways in my car. And I'm good about putting decorative items in the empty spaces.

I'm also good about getting the yucky spiritual things out of my life. I avoid certain kinds of music, TV shows, movies, and internet sites. But I am not so good at filling those spaces with wholesomeness, especially where my kids are concerned. I give them a whole list of things they cannot do. But what do I fill it with? How can I teach them to be Christ-loving, Christ-centered, obedient children of God?

I make an effort with good songs and good TV shows and I try to give them a good example, but as far as I'm concerned there is always room for improvement. So tell me, what do you fill your spiritual cup with? What do you serve your children that is of God? Remind me what you do to show God to your children.

This is your brain on clutter.

This is your brain on God.

Which would you rather have?

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Amy said...

Our latest household issue has been all the movies and television shows my kids' friends are allowed to watch that my kids are not allowed to watch. Mackenzie wants to know why, and I tell her it is because it is so important to God that we protect our minds. That leads to all kinds of conversations about how much God is concerned with our spiritual health.

I really like Kim Heinecke's thought on this one. Some time ago she said that we were to, "Be God's biggest cheerleader in our home". That is easy enough to do. There's not anything good that you have that didn't come from Him. point it out to your kids with enthusiasm.

Way to clear clutter, yo.