Friday, June 27, 2008

The Book of Hours

I was out in the yard this afternoon and saw this beautiful dragonfly. It was huge. It's probably 4 inches wide; maybe 3. But its wings were black and then the edges, which look clear here, were blue/purple. So fun. Sorry I didn't get a better picture. I tried to give the plants some water so the dragonfly would stay around.

I read this fantastic book yesterday; it was so good that I wanted to highlight it on this blog rather than just posting it on my other blog. It's called The Book of Hours, by T. Davis Bunn, ISBN 0785268340.

The story was good- a man comes to a small English village to claim his inheritance and encounters a mystery and puzzle.

The concept talked about in the book was really intriguing to me. In medieval times parishioners were asked to pray hourly, so that God would be brought into what they were doing. But many average people did not know how to tell time. So church bells would ring on the hour to remind people to pray, and some people carried a little book called the Book of Hours to read a short prayer while the bells were ringing. Then they would go back into what they were doing.

Because the whole point of life is not to make every day like church, where we sit and listen to a sermon and sing; the whole point is to bring God into your everyday life. Bring Him into your cleaning, your working, your playing. Bring Him into the fun parts and the drudgery. That's how we have a relationship with God.

"We Christians are simply beggars who happen to know where other beggars might find bread."- from The Book of Hours, p. 309
I love this quote. I am far from perfect. I am far from all-knowing or all-powerful. But I know where to find the knowledge and the power. It's in Jesus Christ.

So I'm thinking about getting a chime set on my phone, to ring a short phrase at the top of every hour. Maybe it will help me bring God into my life.

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BP said...

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing about it here. I always forget to look at your other blog.