Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fortune Cookie

This was my fortune the other day and I saved it because it's so accurate:

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."

And here I thought my complete honesty and my complete inability to remember anything of importance were unrelated! Turns out they go together very nicely.

A long time ago my mom told me "I will always believe you. Now you always tell the truth."

And I took it to heart.

It has been hard, because when a dear friend asks me what I think about the shirt I wouldn't be caught dead in, I have to say something like "it's great, for YOU!" And when people get their hair cut and I don't really like it, I say "Oh, you got your hair cut!" And when people ask me if I got rid of insert name of gift here, I have to say "yes."

It's rough, people. Many times I just have to stand there with my lips pressed closed because I really really don't want to tell you the truth. And I really would like to cheat sometimes on board games, just for fun.

But I cheated recently. And I thought I would get caught. And I didn't get caught. And I won.

And now I feel horrible.

So not only am I incapable of lying, when I do try, it fails miserably.

And I can't remember anything either.


Amy said...

I have half your problem. My problem is that I can't keep my trap shut and I wind up telling everybody what I think about everything. It's a problem, I tell ya.

What do you think about my new hair clippies? Hmmm?

Sarah said...

It's... short, right? Yeah, short.

And blonde/brown?

Sarah said...

I really like your hair when it's long.

Alyson said...

My name (Alyson Paige) means "honest messenger". So, basically, it's my job to be honest. And this would explain why I don't remember lots of stuff! I like that! :) I'll be sure and tell Josh that I don't have a memory like a steel trap because I'm honest and don't need to. Ha!