Friday, June 06, 2008

Home-Made Sidewalk Paint

This morning I went to Parent Hacks and read about a home-made sidewalk paint. All you need is cornstarch, food coloring, and water. It looked so easy that I made it. And it was easy! And the kids loved it! I used 5 old plastic containers (margarine tubs and the like) and made five colors. We painted our front porch and had a great time. Then it was so stinking hot that we pulled out the hose and sprayed it off (and maybe sprayed ourselves at the same time).

Parent Hacks
quoted The Library Collective for the recipe. Go check it out.

Oh, and if you don't regularly read Parent Hacks, it's worth a read. Parents post their little tricks, like travel tips, pottying techniques, etc. It's pretty awesome.


Angela O. said...

That is soooo funny! Yesterday Danielle and I were out chalking (with store bought chalk) and we were wondering how chalk is made! Danielle also wants a bright red chalk so I will definitely check out this site. Thanks for the info.

Alyson said...

How well did it wash off of the sidewalk and/or children? I'm guessing this is an activity best done in swimsuits. :)

Ruth Ann said...

Thanks for the idea, Sarah...I am looking for different things for the summer outdoors...this website is great!

littlebiggirl said...

Sounds like total fun! Em, who's almost two now, is very fussy with getting dirty, so I wonder how she'd be with this.

Merryheart said...

You are awesome. I am so proud of you and blessed to know you and count you as a friend. I love reading all your posts, even though I rarely comment.

Keep up the good work, and keep looking to God for strength. Your walk and your life are an inspiration to many.

Love you.