Friday, June 06, 2008


This morning I am hosting playgroup. It's going to be mostly outside, which is good because the inside of my house is pretty much a wreck.

The kids are still upstairs even though it's after 8 am- the lights are all off and the curtains are closed.

I'm tempted to go clean because I need to, but it's so quiet around here I may just go sit on the couch in the dark and stare into space.

Anyone with me?


Alyson said...

If my kids were still sleeping, I would still be sleeping! ;)

Angela O. said...

oh - hope the rain shower didn't mess up playgroup! Of course, it was so nice everyone could just run around in it.

FULL OF JOY said...

Your freedom with messiness, (even putting it in your about me:) is inspiring. My mom has a sign that says 'dust is a protective covering for furniture' LOVE IT!