Friday, June 13, 2008

Too Many Winnings!

Or: How Sarah can turn even winning into a tragedy

So a couple months ago, in a time of stupidity, I cheated on a drawing. At church. I put my name on the list three times. Everyone saw me do it, and I thought that whoever cut up the paper would see my name three times and be all "Oh Sarah is so silly. Of course we won't put her name in three times."

But they didn't notice. And I won a book about women in the Bible. And I kept it. Guiltily.

And then the next time I entered a drawing, at a PTO meeting, I won. (I hadn't cheated that time)

And the next time at a PTO meeting, I won again! This time I said no thank you.

Thankfully Amy didn't put my name into the drawing for BloggedIn, because I probably would have won that.

And this is all strange because usually I never never win.

Then this week I found out that I won something through a radio station. A couple people nominated me for an award (thanks guys!) for my Good Works stuff. I got a gift certificate to a fondue restaurant, a 2 month certificate for an exercise joint, and some beautiful flowers. All for doing something that I would do no matter if no one noticed (although it sure is nice when people notice).

Oh, and I will be repaying the church with some gifts since I cheated so badly. There's a monthly opportunity for a drawing so I'll provide some stuff....

I was lamenting this to Amy, that it all started because I cheated and that I felt guilty and probably the universe was punishing me for cheating. So Amy suggested that I go buy a lotto ticket.

And I WON!


And then I spent the $1 on another ticket. And lost.

So I've officially broken the winning streak. Phew! That would just be terrible if I kept on winning all the time.


Amy said...

I'm really glad we got you through this difficult time. It was real touch and go there for a while.

Angela O. said...

This was a hilarious post. Trey and I cracked up.

Glad all is ok now :-)