Sunday, July 27, 2008

Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak

We stayed in Colorado Springs long enough to climb at Garden of the Gods. The first day we didn't know where to climb there, and it was too hot. We got one climb in but it wasn't a great time. Then we went out for lunch at a cute little cafe in Manitou Springs, and then we decided to go up Pikes Peak. 14000 feet up. They let you drive (thank goodness), and it was a pretty drive. We just kept going up and up and up! It took us 1 hour to go 18 miles of road up.

After we crossed the timberline I started to freak out because we were at the top of the world with nothing to protect us from plummeting to our deaths. I decided to let Joel drive at that point.

The top was pretty cool, but I didn't get to enjoy it that much because of altita it up there.

Surprisingly the drive down was better because I could see the ground, even though it was so so far down.

The next morning we got out to Garden of the Gods super early and climbed in a very interesting spot. This location is unique in that the climbs are also a major tourist attraction, with sidewalks all around the base. All day as we were climbing we could hear people talking about us and watching us. It was very odd. We enjoyed it though, and then we were off to our whitewater rafting location. Which one of us fell out of the boat? You'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Meanwhile we are getting ready to drive all the way from Denver to Austin today.


Alyson said...

Driving on mountains is freaky. I love how they trust your driving SO much that they don't bother with installing guardrails hardly anywhere. Yikes. Anyhow, glad you are home! You'll have to tell me how long the drive from Denver to Austin takes... our Pampered Chef Leadership Summit is in Denver in January, and maybe we should just drive?

littlebiggirl said...

It sounds like you are having a great time! Have a safe drive back to Austin.