Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Life is Crazy

This week is crazy busy. We went camping over the weekend at Krause Springs which was fun except in the last two hours I hurt my knee and my hand. We got to hang out with my sister and her fiance.

Then my mother-in-law is here; she'll be watching the kids while Joel and I go to Colorado, so she's getting to know our routine and be more familiar with the kids.

So I'm trying to do laundry, and pack, and also carry on a somewhat normal routine.

The cable company did some work along the line of fences in our backyard and our neighbors', and left a cable swooping down from the phone poles into everyone's yard. I called to see why they had done that and no one had an answer. It was frustrating.

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Angela O. said...

We got the new digital phone service from the phone company and the installer put in wrong. So . . . after several calls to Customer Service and one repair man later FINALLY have good service. Good luck on getting the swinging cable fixed.