Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weddings and Long Drives

Saturday we were excited to go to our friend's wedding outside Denver.

They were so cute. I don't remember being that cute 9 years ago but I'm sure I was.

They had a bouncy castle. I mean come on! How cute is that? And the bride's dress was specifically designed for bouncing in an inflatable castle. Cute cute cute.

They registered at REI and we bought them climbing gear.

It was outside at a church camp. MY wedding was outside at a church camp. It was nice.

The cake was delicious. I won't tell you that I ate three pieces. Oops. Too late.

I also won't tell you how pathetic I was reaching for strangers' children on the last few days of our trip. I really missed my kids.

Congratulations to Matt and Jessie. If nothing else I bet their cuteness will carry them for a few years.


Then on Sunday we had to drive 1000 miles back home. I will spare you the sordid details but let's just say that Eastern Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma are fairly boring to drive through and by 3 am (our arrival time in Austin) I was totally ready for my own bed.


Nicole said...

I've got to see some pictures of the bride and groom in a bouncy castle!

littlebiggirl said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!

And yes, you two were totally cute at your wedding. :)

BP said...

That is so cute to imagine at a wedding! Glad you had a safe trip home.

Angela O. said...

That sounds incredibly fun. Somebody was telling us about a wedding that was held in a cave. Doesn't that sound fun too?