Monday, July 07, 2008

Well our weekend was very nice. Joel had Thursday and Friday off, so we got lots of family time in, as well as breaks for different parents at different times.

Today I am driving our car to the mechanic and walking back with the kids. There's an oxygen sensor or something out. I hope I can get it over there before it's too hot- it's about a mile away.

The rest of the week will be pretty normal, with a little packing for a camping trip with my sister and anticipation of a 9 day road trip without the kids(!) to Colorado.

My tomato plants are still producing, although the pear tomato plants did MUCH better than the cherry ones. Maybe it's my gardening method, but if I had only these cherries I would be VERY disappointed. Next year I will try to do 5 or 6 pear tomatoes and give two more species a chance also.

I have to go clean out my car.

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Angela O. said...

our tomatoes are pretty much done. Used the last of them this weekend.