Saturday, August 09, 2008

Loveliness All Around

This weekend has been great so far.

On Friday I got to see lots of friends at playgroup, and then at 1pm I dropped the kids off with my sister's fiance "Zebra." I then proceeded to do lots of errands and got all of them done. Then I had a quiet evening at home with Joel.

This morning I woke up and took a bike ride, and then I called Grace to see when I should pick up the kids. Grace said "1:30pm" so I immediately knew I could do a project. I pulled out my fabric and decided to make a tie dye skirt.

With Amy as design consultant, and Ruth Ann as sewing machine provider, I completed a beautiful skirt today for myself and started on a matching one for Emlyn. It is very flowy and twirly. And beautiful. Did I mention I like this skirt?

I am wearing it to church tomorrow.


H-Beast said...

There's nothing better than a skirt with good twirl!

Angela O. said...

Danielle (who has become a sewing expert lately) is very impressed that you made that. She says "it is pretty." :-)