Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swim Lessons are DONE!

Mental note for next year:
Schedule swim lessons in early August, rather than late. Schedule them early in the day. Thank you very much.

Well we are finally done with swim lessons. If I might brag a bit I would say that both of the kids passed with flying colors.

It was so neat to see them both learn in their different ways. Emlyn was so mature this year, her second round of lessons. She would analyze the task set to her (swim to the teacher, etc) and with a determined set to her shoulders she would do what she was asked to the best of her abilities. It was so different from last year. I could tell she was really trying and learning and using her brain every minute. Her body cooperated too, and she really improved. She was the most improved swimmer in her class.

Denali, on the other hand, was experiencing his first lessons (they each had 8 lessons; Emlyn's were 45 min and Denali's were 30). He was a joy to watch because everything he did, he did with a smile on his face. He grinned the whole time and really had a lot of gumption. He couldn't quite get his arms and legs to do really efficient movements but by the end of the time he was swimming on his own.

Both of them passed on to the next level with flying colors, getting great scores on everything and both ended up being able to "swim" independently. They each jumped off of the "diving" board. I have pictures which I am not uploading tonight, but I am just so proud of them.

I also made a new friend, B. I'm hoping that she and I will be lasting friends. Her son was in lessons with Emlyn.


BP said...

I'm glad they both had fun and learned new things!

Angela O. said...

Good job, E & D! Danielle will be taking lessons again in Oct. She did MUCH better but will still be in the same level class.