Monday, September 22, 2008

Home Again!

I am home, the house is a mess, and the kids are great.

Emlyn notified me last night that her cavities (which we already knew about) are hurting and so we're making a trip to the dentist in a little while. I know that kids get cavities but I can't help but feel a little guilt for not being a perfect parent.


Alyson said...

Sarah, we haven't spoken or e-mailed in over 24 hours... I beginning to feel that without the retreat, our friendship is DYING! How will I live without our constant ongoing communication!!! ;)

BP said...

You know, I've worried the same thing before about teeth! I hope the dentist appt. went well.

How was the retreat?

Angela O. said...

Yes, I got a "shame-shame" comment on our teethbrushing after D's last appt.