Friday, September 26, 2008

How I Organized My Office

I've already posted all these pictures, but I wanted to explain a little more about the process and my reasoning for different choices.

This corner is full of projects, artwork, and documents to be archived. It was the most frustrating for me because there were a lot of things that couldn't really be thrown out or moved to another room. There was a huge pile in the corner that really bugged me.

This is the same corner organized. Many of the art supplies have been put into different bins than before. The family history documents were moved to the attic and the historical pictures were put in boxes and later I'll tell you where I hid them in the office. Eventually the plan is to scan all of those pictures and store them online.

Ever since I did this to the top of the file cabinet it's stayed uncluttered. I mostly kept the file cabinet the same but put it into the other corner.

This is the same corner- I moved the shelf from the entryway and the table and chairs from the kitchen. I basically pulled all the black furniture from around the house.

My desk is actually functioning pretty well right now despite the papers everywhere. That organizer is working nicely. It could use improvement though.

I've moved most of the things that used to be on the surface of the desk to the shelves behind the desk. It still gets cluttered here but not nearly as badly. I got the shelves from my sister for free because she was moving. I spent a little money on containers for the supplies. The wire organizer holds all the papers that I deal with often. The black organizer is for the papers Joel deals with. Ideally that's where all the papers go until they are filed or thrown away. The lower part of the shelves are hidden by the desk, and that's where all the pictures to be scanned are hidden. I hope to have a little more money soon so we can send the rest in to Fotobridge.

This corner holds magazines and office supplies. I was not fond of it.

This corner is the biggest change. I no longer store any boxes or piles of papers on the floor. Everything is up off the floor so that I can glance around and see carpet. It's very nice. My great-grandmother painted the painting of the baby.

When choosing the color of the walls I took into consideration the colors already in my house and the fact that it needed to bring in some warmth. I knew with all this black furniture that I needed a strong color to balance it. It looked very bright originally but with all the black it's toned down.

The red is reflected in the curtains, and the green is similar to the kitchen color...

I was so thankful to my mother-in-law and my friends from playgroup who came to help me on the day I did this. I could never have done it without them. I will always remember their help as I work in this room. I feel more productive and more calm every time I work in here compared to before.

Overall I paid about $375 for everything, including furniture, organizing boxes, and paint and painting supplies. The IKEA shelf was $85, and then I probably spent another $70 on nice boxes. I don't know why nice boxes are so expensive. The remainder was on painting and misc supplies, some of which will be usable for other projects.

Thank you Joel for your support in my endeavor. I couldn't have done it without his support.
I was also excited to see that Organizing Junkie's Monthly Round-Up was the office this month, so I was able to enter that contest as well.


littlebiggirl said...

These are beautiful and inspiring pictures!

Peggy said...

Great job I love the color of the walls with the black furniture. Looks like a great place to work.

Songbirdtiff said...

Wow! I love the yellow walls with black furniture. I bet you can really get some work done now!

Julie said...

It's beautiful! I bet you love being in this room now. It's so nicely decorated!

Mommy3girls1985 said...

Wow that really inspired me to get in hubbys "office" and organize the heck out of it...maybe i'll do that tomorrow =)

Coco said...

That looks so beautiful.
Good Job!
And I am with you on boxes being so expensive.


Joy said...

the black furniture looks stylish... You did really well,!! Congrats to all your efforts and good thing you 've got good friends and a mom in law to help you!!!!

Mine is up
have a great day!!

timbuck2mom said...

Very nice! I really like the colors.


trish said...

wow, the new office space looks great! hooray for uncluttered floors!

~ alli ~ said...

Good for you! I'm inspired! And I love the yellow walls - it's like a TOTALLY DIFFERENT ROOM!

Avlor said...

I love the color of your walls now. Bringing all the black things together was great too. (I usually have such a hodgepodge.) Well done!

StrusaD said...

I love all the black! It makes offices look more sharp and professional office!

Org Junkie said...

Wow it looks amazing!! You did such a great the wall color with the black and it's nice that everything now has a home!

Anonymous said...

Your office looks AWESOME!! I totally love it. I love all the black furniture with little pops of accent colors!