Monday, September 15, 2008

I am now a Twit

Under high levels of duress from Amy and my sweet husband I now twit via Twitter. Whateverdude.

Last night I found out that the food I thought was Canadian Bacon was actually death poison. Spent two hours in the bathroom.

My house is quiet. All of the relatives have left :(
Except I hear "Bedbugs", a Christian TV show that emulates Teletubbies. Have I mentioned I hate Teletubbies? Why have I set the DVR to record this annoying show?


Amy said...

Careful. Now Joel and I know that, with our powers combined, we can make you do anything. Mwa ha ha ha.

I remember "Bedbugs". I think it's better than "Teletubbies". That's not saying enough to make it any better than death poison disguised as bacon.

Alyson said...

Yikes. Sorry about the malignant Canadian Bacon. Hope you're feeling better!

Angela O. said...

You record it b/c as women and moms we always endure those things we can't stand for those we love :-)

I'm not too crazy about Canadian Bacon to begin with. Will make sure not to serve it to you in future. Glad you have recovered.