Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lessons Learned from Moms

I've been tagged by BP but I don't usually do these memes, but this one is about moms. Since my mom is here I figured I'd do this one.

What to do: share with us and your readers a lesson that you learned from your own mom, a special mom in your life, or while raising your own children. There’s no right or wrong answers…just lessons that each of us can learn and implement with our own children. Link your post back to this one, leave a comment below so we can visit and learn from you, and then tag 2-3 other moms to participate.

1. Always be honest. Back when I was really small my mom made a deal with me: she would always believe me if I always told the truth. Somehow she ingrained it into me that the truth is very important. If we do wrong things, we need to confess. I've written about that before. I have tried to help my children learn the same lesson.

2. Along with honesty comes commitment. If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. This was also from my parents. I hate to miss an appointment and I hate to cancel on someone. This can be a problem when I don't say no enough and I have too much to do. My problem here becomes that I need to say "yes" less often.

3. My mom also taught me that relationships with people are more important than cleaning and chores. You will often see me at someone's house, visiting, or hanging out with my kids instead of cleaning.

4. Something I learned from another great mom in my life, my friend Heather, was to hug the kids more. When Emlyn was going through a difficult stage when she was 3, I asked Heather what she would have done differently with her daughter (2 years older than Em). She told me that instead of engaging her daughter in arguments, she wished she had held her daughter more and just loved on her. I took this to heart and learned that I don't always have to react emotionally when Emlyn is overly emotional.

Thanks Mom for your wisdom!

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BP said...

Thanks for sharing Sarah. This is wonderful wisdom! I knew you'd have something wonderful to share. Number 4 is a great idea.