Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Menu Plan Tuesday

I don't usually post my menus but this week I decided to give it a go.

Please scroll down and read my Colossians entry if you haven't yet. It's what keeps me going today.

Here are the next seven meals we will be eating. None of them are assigned to a day except that on Thursday I'm cooking for growth group, and be making Golden Halibut Casserole. I've not tried it before and I'm excited.

We will also be eating:
Cavatappi with Roasted Chicken and Vegetables
Italian Chicken and Couscous
Frozen pizza
Eat out
Leftovers can be fun!

I will make Norwegian Rice Pudding for dessert one night.

On the nights that I make something outside of my lifestyle change, I will eat some leftovers or something from the freezer for myself.

I'm posting my menu and there's lots more at this site.


Angela O. said...

let me know how the halibut is - i'm going to try and incorporate fish once a week in our menu plan.

Ruth Ann said...

Wow, that Halibut recipe sounds really good...let me know how it turns out.