Monday, September 01, 2008

Some Projects in the Mix

I'm working on redecorating my office and stairwell. The stairwell used to have wallpaper and now it has wallpaper scraps on the wall. Eventually it will have paint. The office is going to be painted and hopefully organized with a system that works. We'll see about that one.

Next Thursday a bunch of my friends will be over to help me with all of this. I'm super excited about that.

My birthday is coming up. During that week my parents will be here and since it is my sister's birthday too we will be having a grand celebration. At the end of that week my sister is moving back to California. This makes me very sad but I know that she and her fiancé have not been happy here even in spite of how wonderful I am. I'm really going to miss her and her betrothed.

So the next couple of weeks are going to be very full of family and projects. I'll tune in as I can. Sometime I may even post pictures, including the day when Amy and I dressed up as soda fountain girls.


littlebiggirl said...

So you took the "Labor" part of the weekend very seriously? :)

Good luck on all your projects and happy early birthday!

Angela O. said...

Too bad about your sister.

Happy early birthday!!!